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Individual Therapy


Individual therapy is conducted on a bi-weekly basis to provide one-on-one attention to problems that cannot be effectively dealt with in a group setting.  Individual therapy functions to serve the client in an environment which openly and intensely deals with issues that are problematic in their lives.  Key counseling issues include:  depression, anger, abuse, self-esteem, anxiety, stress, stages of life changes, grief, substance use/abuse, etc.

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Family Therapy


The purpose of family therapy is to help maintain the family unit.  The function is to help families communicate, to clarify roles and reciprocal obligations, and to encourage more adaptable behaviors among family members.  Key issues involved in family therapy include: lack of boundaries, role confusion, weak parental unit, separation/individuation, behavioral problems in school, etc. 

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Couples Therapy


The purpose of couples therapy is to bring about unity in the relationship.  The function of couple’s therapy is to help couples resolve their relationship, communication, sexual, economic, and other problems.  Theoretical approaches include:  psycho-social, behavioral, and systems theory, depending on the orientation that is most suitable for the couple and the issues involved.

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Child & Adolescent Therapy


The purpose of this therapy is to assist children and adolescents to communicate inner turmoil. The client may use toys and games to act out conflicts or to demonstrate situations that cannot be verbalized. Key counseling issues for young people include: physical, sexual and emotional abuse, divorce, grief, depression, suicide, stress, bullying, self-destructive behaviors, etc. 

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