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History of Kids In Crisis Project, Inc.

Kids In Crisis Project, Inc. was a non-profit, tax exempt, Counseling, Training and Resource Center that was formed in February 1989 by Founder/President Darryl W. Bruno, MSW, community members and business professionals who recognized a need in the Greater New Orleans area which included Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes to fight the problems our youth deal with on a daily basis.    The Project offered it's services to the community on a not-for-profit basis, making their programs accessible to anyone regardless of income.  Various fundraisers were held throughout the years that included hundreds of volunteers.


The goal of Kids In Crisis Project, Inc. was to initiate and enable individuals and their families to cope with social, psychological and interpersonal problems which interfere with individual, family, or social functioning by effecting behavioral and/or emotional change in the client or constructive change in the family or social environment and/or to enable individuals to bring about improvement in maladaptive behavior patterns, in impaired social and psychological functioning, and in problems associated with conduct, identity, anxiety, affect, adjustment, impulse control, and other mental disorders.

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